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Ziefert Lee, Business Analyst

Finding the elusive answer to, why do people buy your product?

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Two stages of technology disruption

While researching an industry experiencing new competition enabled by advancing technology, I looked at other industries that experienced the same and I noticed a pattern. There are generally two stages of technology disruption. In the first stage, advancement enables a new competition that is in the same ballpark as products made by the mature businesses.…

New swallows old

Recent headline from The Wall Street Journal: Precor makes exercise equipment. Peloton makes exercise experiences. The equipment they make enables that. If you are running a mature business and are happy with marginal tweaks to keep the business chugging along with plus or minus mid single digit growth, you may be ripe to be swallowed,…

Less McKinsey, More Elon Musk

I agree with Elon Musk in this interview with the Wall Street Journal, where he advises America’s CEOs to “…spend less time on Powerpoint and more time trying to make your product as amazing as possible.” Later in the video, Musk touches on a good concept — what is profit? He said profit is about…

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